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35 Things to do While Social Distancing

As someone who thrives off of getting out of the house and being productive, this quarantine has been extremely difficult. And like most others right now, I am trying to come up with creative ways to keep myself busy from my home.

I’ve put together a list of some of the things that have been most successful in keeping me from losing my mind.

  1. Perform a random act of kindness
  2. Read
  3. Binge watch Netflix or Hulu or whatever streaming service you have
  4. Deep clean
  5. Play board games
  6. Learn a new language
  7. Rearrange your room
  8. Start a YouTube channel
  9. Have a spa day (nails, face masks, bath, etc.)
  10. Log in to your old Club Penguin or Webkinz account
  11. Exercise
  12. Learn a new skill or hobby
  13. Create a bucket list
  14. Drink water
  15. Start a gratitude journal
  16. FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  17. Color
  18. Take a walk or go for a bike ride
  19. Grab a blanket and stargaze in your backyard
  20. Order food to go from a local restaurant
  21. Take an online class
  22. Write letters to friends and family members
  23. Go for a drive
  24. Try out a new hairstyle or makeup look
  25. Get creative with a DIY
  26. Clean out your computer or phone
  27. Leave a positive review for a business
  28. Journal your thoughts or experiences
  29. Make Spotify playlists
  30. Do something nice for your significant other
  31. Online shop
  32. Get dolled up and take some selfies
  33. Make a blanket fort
  34. Start a blog
  35. Try a new recipe

How have you been keeping busy while also practicing social distancing? Do you have anything fun and creative that isn’t on my list? Let me know in the comments below!

Xoxo, Emily


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